We started this journey wanting to get our art far and wide and you all have already taken it further than we ever thought it would go! And as most of you know already we want to mint many drops, experiment, and add value to our community often over one massive 10,000 piece to love and leave.

We take our values seriously, and you’ll hear a lot more about these in the future as we evolve and roll out our plans. Part of our core values has been around which is the best way to involve our amazing community (you guys!) and still be able to distribute our art far and wide.

There have been a lot of discussions internally about the direction we wish to pursue and how we want to run. One of the core things we realized is that blockchain has unique and interesting properties that allow us to distribute our art community in a way that we never thought possible.

With this in mind we have mapped out a feature/idea that is core to the overall direction we wish to head. This core idea is a new "membership/ticket" model that lives on the blockchain. It will underpin everything that is built moving forward and turns code0110001 from a delivery channel into a community that everyone can be part of.

What does this mean?

Effectively you will have an NFT that will act as a membership/ticket. As a code0110001 ticket holder, you will receive things such as art from our releases, minting pre-releases, surprise artwork airdropped, early access, lifetime updates and special areas on our site.

As the memberships in themselves are an NFT and live on the blockchain, they are tradeable, basically yours to do what you like.

NOTE: Any art minted to the ticket holder will remain with the person that received it. Even when the ticket is transferred to someone else, your art will remain yours but the new owner will receive the benefits of being a code01100001 member.

We are also exploring governance models, e.g ticket holders can vote on the direction of the art, colab partners and a lot of other things.


We are looking to collaborate with other people and groups in and outside the space. We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people over the years and will be looking to get them involved. Ticket holders would be first to get access of course.

Artist Drops:

Along with collabs, we are looking to do special featured artist drops on our platform as well, but we need to work out the details of how best to do this. More on this later.

No Membership/Ticket presales:

Unlike other NFT actors in the space, these memberships/tickets won't be available until the platform is fully working, we won't be pre selling these to raise capital, or failing on promises with your money. We will build it first.

With this, I would like to open it up to discussions and thoughts in our Discord channel before we start dropping the nitty-gritty on it all